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Clarity 14.3 Fresh installation database configuration issue

Question asked by SreejithSree on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by Suman Pramanik


I have installed the 14.3 version,(Note db is on server A and application is on server B)

please find the steps I followed

1.created application database on server A as "niku" and restored it with mssql_base.db file

2.Extracted installer.jar and thirdparty jars inside a temp folder in server B

3.stared batch file installation

and installation checker output as


 The results of the checkinstall utility:
 There are 0 BYPASSED message(s).
 There are 27 SKIPPED message(s).
 There are 5 INFO message(s).
 There are 1 WARNING message(s).
 There are 0 INCOMPLETE message(s).
 There are 0 ERROR message(s).

where i am getting a data warehouse database warning message as am not configured dwh database properly,

And the installation is completed successfully


After that I deployed and started nsa,app,bg

and all are started successfully

but in the CSA health report database it is showing Unsupported or invalid configuration in PPM or third party configuration


Please Note:- I am using SQL server 2014 Enterprise edition Evaluation Copy

But in the database configuration I am able to configure database correctly as




I am not able to log into the application login page even after the app server is started. using http://servername:80/niku/nu It should open even the db is not setup properly.correct me if am wrong.

and can anyone point out where am doing goof-up's?