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Idea Generation: PHP and Web Server Monitoring seems neglected for different reasons

Discussion created by Aaron Ritter Champion on Mar 18, 2016
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PHP and Web Server monitoring seems to be partialy neglected, both by the looks of it delivered for some quick wins lack of some more solid further developments. Some fundemental ideas are wishlisted and very few ones are planned, but its not clear whats the strategy with this 2(or3) Agents: PHP Agent, PPWebServers, (and because some customers are unhappy with PPWebServers the EPAgent comes in to play as a very customizable agent.).


I guess for PHP it's understandable that the actual market is small, but isnt this an opportunity to maybe run a different more "open-source" type model? E.g. the base compatability delivered by CA but instrumentation enhancements etc. delivered via the CA APM developer community? Or maybe even make it completely open, where i guess the problem is that the base agent code is shared accross multiple agents e.g. the nodeJSAgent?


And for the Web Server Agent, it seems to me a very underestimated bottleneck which deserves more and better quality monitoring, as its front-facing a lot of time Application Servers and i'v seen so many missconfigurations already just from a sizing and timeout perspective that it's not understandable to me why this is not playing a bigger part in the monitoring strategy. Especialy now when the PHP agent got delivered its even more important to know about the Web Server too.


The Web Server Power Pack is a very good example for a quick and handy delivery at the time which got stuck in time, and it seems the same happens for the PHP agent.


In Web Server monitoring area there seems to be in addition to the missing basics a huge potential with additional possibiliteis of intercepting and injecting in to any kind of HTTP traffic unrelated to the ApplicationServer technology.


This are not planned ideas for the two areas and maybe it requires a different model to deliver something valuable:



Support for PHP Virtual Hosts

PHP Agent support for Windows

Support Apache Virtual Hosts on PHP Agent

Extending the functionality of PHP Agent



Webserver Powerpack additional Metrics

PPWebServers can monitor web server that has a frontend proxy server.

Make request for server version in WebServerPowerPack Agent configurable

Port Range Support PPWebServers

PowerPack for Webserver enhancement when using Apache


I have created in addition a CA APM Beta Community post where maybe some things can be discussed in more detail with regards to potential upgcomming releases plans and strategies: PHP and Web Server Monitoring seems neglected for different reasons