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CVS console cannot/does not show proper status for some tests.

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Mar 22, 2016

We have some long running functions written in .TST. it is scheduled to run every hour, on the performance VSE (running 8.5.0 currently).


and it shows not running,  grey circle. but it IS running (cause the file it outputs is being updated as expected).

click on it and says 'active', not running.. but other jobs show properly..


this is a 'service' to our mind.. it takes data from one of our outside suppliers, reformats it as required, and builds the file our application needs when it ftp's to the remote file server..


there are upwards of 150,000 records to process..


right not  we are beginning to think we have uncovered a CVS console bug AND maybe a bad service design..


we have a script step that is run for each record in the input. which generates a row of data in the output.

so this invokes the script 150,000 times.


we have been having all kinds of memory leak problems with these long running things, and the simulator and/or coordinator will roll over and die with heap shortage.

without having to write ALL the code ourselves, is there some better way to use the data source objects??


we have to have the script cause the business logic to get from raw input to formatted input cannot be done any other way so far.


before I open a support ticket, I wanted to ask the community for any thoughts..

I will post a screen shot of the design when I get it from my colleague..  but its really simple