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Need "webview jetty config" help....ASAP!!!

Question asked by mparikh72 Champion on Mar 23, 2016
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On WebView install v10.1 will I need to add the following lines to the “webview-jetty-config.xml” file?


<!-- This is for LogJam Vulnerability and also for BAE Systems

for C&A efforts to address SSL Cipher Vulnerabilities


<Set name="cipherSuites">

<Array type="java.lang.String">







Because it already has the following entries…


<!-- List of accepted protocols. You can add or remove any individual protocols (under <Item>) but do not comment out the whole set as EM start up will fail -->

<!-- SSLv2Hello can be added for compatibility purpose when using SUN/Oracle JVM-->

<!-- SSLv2Hello is not an accepted protocol for IBM JVM. Use SSL instead of SSLv2Hello if using IBM JVM -->

<!-- IBM JVM  also provides the following protocols which can be added below: SSL_TLSv2, SSL_TLS, SSL -->

<Set name="protocols">

<Array type="java.lang.String">







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