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Can't add new Orchestrator to Domain

Question asked by deama10 Employee on Mar 24, 2016

I have a Domain with one Orchestrator, and I wanted to add more Orchestrators to this domain.


Following the PAM 4.3 documentation (

I did get the jnlp from the Domain Orchestrator and the installer was created on:

%TEMP%/Third_Party_Installer_windows.exe ( I did use this kb for guidance and got best results with java 7), but I can't choose any Domain option (it´s disabled). When the installation finishes , its just a separete Orchestrator outsite the Domain.


Yes the Certificate Password is the same.


Is there another way to add an Orchestrator to a domain? What am I doing wrong?


My system is Windows 2012 r2, browser latest Firefox, Java version, I tried both with 8 and 7. PAM has also HF01.

The javaws -verbose windows of t the installation file is as follows