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Configure multiple random download URL's from service provider in Layer 7

Question asked by richardb80 on Mar 25, 2016
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We had a process in Adeptia that until yesterday, connected to the service provider through Adeptia and downloaded the files from the service provider. Yesterday, my colleague and I built a service in Layer 7 and when we triggered the process for this service that’s built in Adeptia, we saw it worked.


When it connects to the service of this service provider, it downloads files from the service provider in a sort of ZIP format, unwraps them and then sends them to the appropriate system to process the records and save them on that particular system. We noticed that this service generates new URL’s for each file that needs to be downloaded, for example:


The problem is, in the Layer 7 gateway, you can only give 1 routing address and that’s a static URL. Is it possible, perhaps with a variable somewhere, that these URL’s come back from the service provider, are somehow ‘captured’ by Layer 7 and then get processed? Or is there another solution to make sure the URL’s that come back from the service provider and are different for each file, get processed in Layer 7?