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APM 9.5.3 to be upgraded to APM 9.7.1, postgresql 8.2 to 9.2 question

Question asked by patrickjo44 on Mar 25, 2016
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We are in the planning stages in upgrading our 4 Environments, we have apm 9.5.3 with the postgresql 8.4 on a separate server.

In regards to upgrading the environments, we would like to upgrade our test environment first to APM 9.7.1, I have read the apm 9.7 documentation and am

unclear in regards to the postgresql upgrade process, if one were to perform the upgrade (backup/restore) of the postgresql to the 9.2 1st, and upgrade our test environment EM to 9.7,

would our other 3 environments that are still at 9.5.3 including production still function with the new upgraded postgresql 9.2, when their respective environments have not been upgraded yet, as we are taking a staged approach to upgrading our 4 environments.



Pat O'Connor