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Attachments Issue

Question asked by kalsw01 Employee on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2016 by akhan.1

Hi All,

Regarding attachments issue over Internet:

1. In nx.env file have below data, and attachments are working good over Intranet




2.but when trying to attach from  internet(using reverse proxy) getting below error

Unable to connect to http://emssd:8080/CAisd/Uploadservlet. Please make sure that the servlet server is correct and tomcat is up and running.


8080 port is open for internet

So tried to make changes to NX.ENV file as below (to URL being used over inetrnet) and restarted server




In intranet it's working good. But over internet still getting same unable to connect error. Here in error unable to connect URL(URL is still pointing to old Intranet URL).

EX: Unable to connect to http://INTRA/CAisd/Uploadservlet


Here directly changed in NX.env file because, from front end SDM->admin tab-> Attachments-> repository: there is no field for servlet path

Now were else to make changes to make attachments URL to redirect to Internet URL or have to check any thing else to check to make it work