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Sub-Object Process Listing

Question asked by e_martin on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Dave_3.0

CA PPM 13.3 (on premise)


I've created a sub-object off of the Project object, and I'm having issues creating a process that should be used to populate that sub-object.


By default it will be a blank list, but I want to run a process that goes else where into other clarity objects and writes a bunch of instances into that sub-object on demand.


I have all the structures built and I'm working on the GEL script. My issue comes with placement on the sub-object versus the Project object. In my GEL it runs a SQL Query and it's associated to the Project object, but what it needs to do it get a variable (attribute) off of the Project object so it knows what subset of instances it's pulling from my other custom object. I'm using the parameter ${gel_objectInstanceId} to get the 5****** number for the project in the SQL so I can get the results to be able to XOG in all the instances needed for that Project. My issue comes from the fact that when I place it on the project actions drop down, it works great. However, I wanted to use a view condition to control access to the sub-objects page since if the variable is not completed on the project, the process will fail. When I place the process in the Actions drop-down on the list view of the sub-object, that parameter causes it to try to link to an instance, and there's no instance for it to link to and having the user create one, is unacceptable. Is there a different parameter that I can use in the sub-object so that I can get the parent object id for the list? Is there a way I can link an existing Action from the project on the actions drop-down on the sub-object? Similar to the virtual attribute where it can grab the data from the parent? I've got a couple work around scenarios but they're less than satisfying for the user experience.