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Create ticket with properties using spel

Question asked by cdtj Champion on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by cdtj

I'm looking a way to create Issue (Req/Chg) with properties via SPEL, there is already one method described here SPEL API methods, but for some reasons I can't use it.

My researches started from OOTB gencr.frg macro, but on checkin I receive error: One or more attributes are missing.


I have checked what happening when I'm creating ticket with prps via Web:

- system creates new dob (prop{N}) and attaches it to ticket (methods: set_attr_in_dob, checkin_da_dob), it uses WebEngine freeaccess.spl methods, which are not adapted to regular SPEL;


SPEL API creates Issue in this way:

- it calls mehods from api.maj in this order: get_default_prp_val, update_props, validate_property, add_issue.

- I have tried to call those methods to update or validate properties created via get_new_dob, without luck.


Latest script I tried is attached to this thread.