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ca workstation 'running' custom view shows jobs as exec when they completed hours ago

Question asked by mbieganski on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by powdo03

Hello Community,  In addition to pinging tech support on this, thought I'd share this with you in case someone else has come across this.

Using CA Workstation Build 104 and have noticed repeatedly in Director within the 'Running' Custom view (filter of 'state contains exec') that some jobs continue to show up in the

view even after they've completed successfully hours ago.   Our ESP (v11.4) CSF always correctly shows these jobs as  completed.  A2 shows them completed.

In fact, clicking the job in the custom view, while details falsely shows it as 'executing'   clicking 'list job history' shows it as ended ??)

We always seem to get a few jobs a day in the Workstation view that just don't clear out when they complete. 

The views are set to  update every 5 seconds and 99% of the jobs come in and out just fine.  But I'm concerned that job owners/operations could freak if they see false data on the screens.

If I close out the view's window and come back in, the phantom jobs remain.  If I close the view's window and totally exit out of Workstation and then come back in, only then do

the phantoms fall out of the Running view.

(I, like most of our monitors, do tend to keep my Workstation session active for hours or days at a time, but I shudder to have to tell operations....'just log out from time to time and the views will be fine')


Other than that, we like the Workstation, but have to question its veracity from time to time.

Anyone else experience this problem?