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Session Store on SecureCloud info

Question asked by alessandro.sessa on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by alessandro.sessa

Hi all,

for my customer I should configure Single Logout for the IDP and, as per documentation, I need a session store for retrieve session records and use it with SLO.


Now I have to istruct the customer to proper providing for Database or CA Directory.

My questions are:

1) Cannot find a support matrix regarding the Session Store into Secure Cloud configuration. Do I have to refer to the classical SSO (SiteMinder) support Matrix ?

2) Are there any differences between Siteminder out of Secure Cloud (ex. version 12.52) and Secure Cloud 1.55 related to Session Store ?

2) Regarding performance and best practice : the customer has already Oracle and CA Directory. Which I should have choose in your opinion?


thanks a lot