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Tasks\Assignments\Team not coming over from template

Question asked by Neil_Goodwin on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Garrett-S

Per DocOps:

Using Project Templates with Processes

Project templates can have associated processes. The copy behavior is affected when you create a project using a template with associated processes. For staff and WBS to copy over to the new project, verify that your template process includes the following system actions:

  • Copy WBS from Template. The system action copies WBS tasks and any staff that is assigned to those tasks. Staff members must be assigned to WBS tasks to be copied over. When using a template process, use this system action to copy over WBS tasks and any assigned staff from the template.
  • Copy Staff from Template. Copies all staff from the template (regardless of whether the staff members are assigned to WBS tasks). When using a template process, use this system action to copy all staff from the template that are not necessarily assigned to tasks.

In the Communities 14.2 SB - The task\team\assignments do copy over when doing New From Template.  In our environment they do not.  We may be missing these actions in the process.  But, when I look at the communities SB, I only see one process associated w/ the template I chose, and it does not have these system actions in it.


Can anyone tell me where to look to find these "Template" processes to verify if they do or do not have the system actions in the process?