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Discussion created by cdtj Champion on Apr 12, 2016
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Sad thing - I have no rights to create polls in this communty, so I'm starting discussion about most common customization - Creating new attribute in existing table.

Every time I receive a request to publish new attribute I have a question, what data type fit better for specified task.


For example, I need to add kind of type to Request Category, values are static, will not change in foreseeable future and could be defined as : TypeA, TypeB, TypeC.

I have selected 3 ways to define attribute:

  1. Create integer attrbiute and show it as Dropdown where: 0 or NULL will be <Empty>, 1 - TypeA, 2 - TypeB, 3 - TypeC.
  2. Create string attribute and show it as Dropdown where: NULL will be <Empty>, TypeA will be TypeA, etc.
  3. Create new table with Categorie's Types and publish attribute as SREL to new table.

All described methods have same look in user interface.


Looking for the best practices and community experience, I would like to ask:

Which way you prefer?


Any comments are welcome