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Create domain containing only virtual agent with CEM and Cloud Monitor Metrics

Question asked by andy.erskine on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Lynn_Williams

We have been creating virtual agents for CEM metrics for various customers/domain using the following :

1. Create Domain

<domain name="Domain_X" description="Domain_X">

        <agent mapping="(.*)(abcde)(1|2))(.*)"/>



2. Create Virtual Agent

<agent-cluster name="Test_VirtualAgent" domain="SuperDomain" tgtDomain="Domain_X">


<metric-specifier>Business Service\|TestBusService\|Business Transactions\|.*</metric-specifier>



This suits my needs in most scenarios - now i want to try this for a Domain that has no agents and only uses CEM and Cloud Monitor - so i only want to see these metrics in my Domain.

I have tried the following :


1.Create agentless domain.

<domain name="CloudMonitor_Test" description="Test Adding Cloud Monitor to Domain">

        <agent mapping=""/>



2.Create Virtual Agent :

<agent-cluster name="Test_CloudMonitor_VirtualAgent" domain="SuperDomain" tgtDomain="CloudMonitor_Test">


        <metric-specifier>APM Cloud Monitor\|Cloud Scripts\|.*</metric-specifier>



Firstly i tried without an agent mapping which errored so obviously required.

I now see an error :

[ERROR] [TimerBean] [Manager] Configuration error in agent cluster Test_CloudMonitor_VirtualAgent, specified domain SuperDomain does not exist


Any input as to whats happening - and whether this is possible ?