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How to remove content packs from Clarity

Question asked by mark_at on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by mark_at

In an effort to tidy up a Clarity configuration I would like to be able to remove content packs that are no longer needed. The main target would be unused lookups, queries and portlets. The main benefit would be better documentation for the things we do use leading to better support. The reduced clutter would simplify impact analysis for future developments.


The processes from content packs have already been removed.


Currently we have 3 content packs loaded: System Clarity content; PMO Accelerator; and CA Clarity PPM Essentials. We would like to remove as much of the latter two as possible.


I've written some queries that identify what we use, but decided I would create a case to see if there were any recommendations. This is the reply:

Unfortunately, there is no supported way to remove installed Content Packs, you should leave them as-is. If you really do not need them anymore, you can at least try to deactivate those portlets from the PPM UI so you make sure that they are not added and used anywhere. .... As you find this feature useful, I would like to
suggest to go to our CA PPM Community and file an Idea for this.


Does anyone have any experience of doing this and any possible recommendations?