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Strange IE pop-up window behavior after upgrading to SDM 14.1 (cum2)

Question asked by tzadell on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Jon_Israel

Hi everyone,


We upgraded SDM to 14.1 last weekend.  Several people (but not everyone) are seeing their pop-up windows behaving differently after the upgrade.  For example, when clicking on a ticket from a list, the ticket window opens over to the right of the screen (and if you have dual monitors, it spills over to the other monitor).  Another person says the location of the pop-up slightly changes each time they click to view another ticket (moves down a little each time).  We've played with various settings, and can't seem to get the pop-ups to open in full screen.  We've also played with the 'preserve pop-up size' preference setting and that doesn't seem to make a difference at all.  We've compared IE browser settings too, and although changing the setting to 'always open pop-ups in a new tab' does eliminate the problem, many people don't want them to open in a new tab.  We're all using IE 11.   Has anyone else seen this type of window placement changes after upgrading to 14.1?