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unable to add BG Server in ca ppm nsa windows env

Question asked by AbdulSalam1313830 on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by AbdulSalam1313830

Hi I am having Clarity installed on single windows server.There were issue in Process initiation so the team tried to restart the BG service from NSA. Don't  know what happend now unable to see BG service itself on the NSA which was earlier visible. Now trying to add the BG service by going All Service 》add》bg server but popup comes n says BG add processing and after that it's not adding BG service. I tried to add via command Service add BG then Service deploy BG then Service start all and then restarted the IIS on windows.Now my process seems to be running but not sure if BG servery is visible or not in NSA as now I am unable to login to NSA itself as that page is not coming up. So can anyone help me in this if the steps I followed is incorrect and why I am unable to load Nsa page now.