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SiteMinder IWA support for Browsers

Question asked by RajeshKA on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by RajeshKA

Hi All,



We are protecting some of our AD integrated applications with SiteMinder IWA and in all CA documents we are able to see Internet Explorer mentioned as browser for settings and to open the integrated applications.I have below questions on this :-


1) Can someone please confirm that IWA integrated applications should only be opened in Internet explorer after the recommended settings?

2) Also, Please let us know what will happen if we open the same application in a browser where the recommended settings are not done( in IE/Chrome/Firefox as well).

3) Suppose the user doesn't have IE in his system and he wants to use the applications as per prior IWA experience , Is this possible?


We Have SiteMinder r12.56 sp1 CR4 deployed on windows 2008 OS.







Ashish Vashistha