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[DevTest 8.2]Test Suite works in Workstation but does not work in CVS - Tunneling/URL problem?

Question asked by peterchu on Apr 28, 2016

I created a Test Suite in DevTest Workstation 8.2 on a local machine which includes a number to test cases to test some SOAP services. The services are hosted on a remote server, let's call it X, and I have to tunnel to X from my local machine to run the tests. With the tunneling, all the endpoints of my test cases are starting with http://localhost:81/ServiceX.... and they all work fine on my local machine's DevTest Workstation.


Now I want to deploy it to the CVS hosted by a server, let's call it B, so that I can run the test suite periodically in certain times during the day. To make sure that the tests on the B's CVS console can reach X's services, I have established similar tunnels on B to X, mapping to the same port numbers as in my local machine.


I was expecting the test cases on B's CVS console could reach the X's services and test them fine, in a similar way I've run them on my local machine's Workstation. However they always failed. The Reporting Dashboard only reported that the test cases have failed, without giving any details on why/how they failed. I couldn't download the test suite from the CVS to investigate it and see if anything has been changed comparing to the local test suite either, so I couldn't know for certain what's the problem.


At the moment I suspect the SOAP Server URLs of the test cases have been changed when they were deployed to the B's CVS console, and so couldn't reach the X's services to test them, and so have failed. However as said above I didn't have any data to verify or back it up.


Could somebody please shed some light on this? It would be greatly appreciated!