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Patching v9.0 gateways - Is this the right strategy?

Question asked by richardb80 on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by nyawe01

Hi all,


In our environment, there are currently 3 Layer 7 gateways with version v9.0. One of them is patched and the others aren't. In my opinion, we need to patch at least 2 Layer 7 with all patches after version 9 came out. The other gateway would need 3 patches.


Just to be sure, I'd like to have confirmation if the chosen patch strategy is right. Can someone help me and tell me if this is right or that I'm missing something? Also, there are 2 patches that kind of look the same. The patch v9.x-RHEL-03-29-2016 and v9.x-RHEL-03-29-2016.L7P are these different patches and are they required?