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server console custom logging query

Question asked by DevTestUser on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by DevTestUser


how the events logging works on devtest server console for virtual services.

I have customized my default VSM with only the steps i needed in VSM and get rid off unused steps..


Also I have added script(groovy) step after image selection for response manipulation.. that script contains logger details so only those details gets logged into server console all time..


example script line is

_logger.error("the response is feteched {}" response);




so if see the above snap only it shows the events of what I logging in script..


1. default logging events are not shown here like it is logging for other service - I guess this is because of VSM customization , is that correct ?

2. other part is if I log it as _logger.error or warn .. those are only getting logged into console.. why if I log as will not be shown ? is it something to do with ?


apart from the above can you please suggest me how can I make this logging switch off and on at VS level not for entire VSE..can this be added through my same script step  ?


thanks for your time..