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Standard Output Log is shown Blank under WCC -  QV

Question asked by SriharshaS on May 4, 2016
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Currently we are using WCC/AutoSys 11.3.6 version. We are able to view the standard output log for jobs on few agents and not one some of the other agents. We are not getting error instead the output value is being shown as blank. But when I a manually go and check the log file (standard output) , I am able to view those logs.


Can you please help me with what is missing here. The agent version is 11.3 SP4 INC1. Operating System of the Agent: WINDOWS


insert_job: TEST_MACHINE1   

job_type: cmd

machine: MACHINE1

owner: administrator@MACHINE1

max_run_alarm: 0

alarm_if_fail: y

send_notification: n

std_out_file: \\MACHINE1\DATA\TEST_MACHINE_OUT.log

std_err_file: \\MACHINE1\DATA\TEST_MACHINE_ERR.log

command: echo %PATH%