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Jaspersoft IIS compatibility

Question asked by CMCN1982 on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Abhijit_Clarity

Hi all,


this isn't strictly speaking a jaspersoft issue but I would welcome any feedback if others have experienced similar.

We have configured data warehouse and jaspersoft correctly. Both have an 'Available' status in the NSA. We also successfully ran the post install jobs (time slicing, create and update jaspersoft users, load dwh, load dwh access rights)


So we restarted the application services and the Tomcat running jaspersoft.

Then I tested via: http://application_server:8080/niku/nu#action:nmc.advancedReporting

all reports run fine,


However, when I use the actual URL we have configured for this environment:

I get an error '400 Bad Request'


We use IIS on the application server.


Has anyone else experienced difficulty when running through IIS?