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How do I set up an alert thresholds to be historically or variance based

Question asked by bwcole on May 10, 2016
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Howdy Community!


We had a production issue where one of our main applications had a very unusually low concurrent invocations.  Now my end users want an alert based on the daily typical value (+/- 15%) with the daily based on a weekly or monthly trend.


With the new team center alert structures, is there a way to build a differential alert in such I can get trending across a week or month?


I've tried to present that the low traffic to the application was due to a navigation service had errors and prevented the sign in application from forwarding the traffic to the application, thus the application had a decrease in number of concurrent invocations.


Our current alert settings did detect something that may be related.  We had a flood of "Pct Max Cap Used is in danger" alerts for the main application for more than seven hours but the alert was sent to the application server admins which reviewed the alert and determined that it wasn't an infrastructure issue.