APM 10.1 Dashboard Templates - Any Good Ones Out There?

Discussion created by mparikh72 Champion on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by mparikh72

I am looking for any and all types of APM Introscope (WV or Wkst) dashboard templates anyone might have that provides a comprehensive view (tabbed approach or what have you) w/n a single dashboard and NOT having to go to multiple dashboards from the Console Window drop-down. I know that you can create multiple dashboards all having links to a main dashboards so can just double click them to go from one to the other.


Anything you guys have out there that you don't mind sharing would be greatly appreciated.


I understand that you can change the data options w/n the dashboard template so not worried about that. I am look for some good ideas and/or template you guy all have found useful.


Thanks in advance