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Java Agent Configuration for Eclipse and tomcat

Question asked by sdabbiru on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by norre01

Hi Listeners,


I have created a sample web application in eclipse using Servlet and JSP pages and deployed to the tomcat server which I have added to eclipse. Now I have couple of DB method calls in my servlet which I would like to record using CA DevTest. I have added the Java_tools_options variable with the relevant -javaagent string in the Run configurations-->Environment section. I deployed the JSP on to the server which will call the servlet classes. Now when I start my recorder, I don't see the Java agent up and running. I even tried adding the Java_tools_options to the startup.bat in the tomcat installation dir but no luck. Not sure where I'm missing.


But when I tired the same thing in another web project which doesn't have the jsp pages but only servlet classes and directly deploy the servlet classes on the tomcat server with the java agent environment variable set. when I record this time, I was able to see the agent available for recording.