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Dependency in a Step

Question asked by MariCarmen on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Jacky_Mahadab


I have a File with the steps of a deployment:


xpcara01.lpcdv501./usr/local/pr/ca/temp/PaP> more Ejemplo_Deploy_26_05_2016__1


StartInstancia_JBOSS##Servidor 2##JBOSS/Global/UserInputs/Instancia_JBOSS;;Instancia2


I have problem with the first one.



In my flow first aI create the step, then I update the parameters adn the last one links the dependencies.

The first one should not have dependency, but I don not know how to write it.


If iwrite the dependency (the name of the step) as

->Empty Value --> the error is that Step does not exit

--> No Value --> i get this error




How I should write this value. This is the one that is fill in the field "Preceding Step Names"