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"This field name is not known" error in BO - not in Crystal

Question asked by GregPaisley62353433 on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by GregPaisley62353433

We are running Clarity v14.3.  I am developing/running a custom Crystal report (Command based) with several multi-select parameters.  To do that, you process/validate the parameters in the Record Selection formula (blueberry-picker).  The report runs fine in Crystal.  But in BO, I get this message:  "This field name is not known. Details: errorKind Error code name:StartPromptingFail".  I saw on this site where this problem was fixed for a date parameter ..... but all of my parameters are String.  I did copy this report from one test BO environment/database to the other.  I have googled this for Crystal errors and have seen where copying from one database to the other could cause this.  So, please help with the following:

1)  What error log can I check to find more details (maybe which field name it is talking about)?  I saw in a couple of places to look in app_niku.log, but I cannot find that log in the CSA.

2)  What is the correct sequence in copying a Command based report from one database to the other?

3)  Any other advice and/or references to articles would be appreciated!

Thanks, Greg P