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Manage Cisco Prime Infrastructure and RSA Authentication Appliance using CA PAM

Question asked by gopar01 Employee on Jun 1, 2016
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Customer would like to use CA PAM to manage the below network management devices:

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure Server
  • RSA Authentication Appliance


They want to use PAM for both session as well as password management on these devices. So far, we managed to secure the below details from the customer:


Device NameAuthentication
Cisco Prime Infrastructure Server

Uses ACS/TACACS for authentication.

Configured to use local authentication when ACS is not availlable

RSA Authentication Appliance

Uses AD for authentication.

Has local admin accounts


We believe there is no OOTB connector available to manage these devices. Wanted to reach out to the greater team for your inputs on:

  • whether anyone has implemented PAM with the above mentioned device types?
  • If so, what was the level of effort to make them work with PAM? And are there any 'how to' (or) 'as configured' documents outlining the instructions?


We are operating under tight timelines to deliver a response back to the customer. Appreciate your inputs!!



Aravind G