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Quiesce Pop Up Not Showing Countdown Clock

Question asked by ArunavaS on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by Kyle_R
We are running on 14.1 cumm#2 with Advanced Availability. When we invoked quiesce command on our application 
server (pdm_server_control -q 1000) it generates the Quiesce warning pop up message successfully but every
time it shows : "CA ServiceDesk Manager server is scheduled to shutdown for NOW!." But we have given a quiesce
interval of more than 15 minutes and we are expecting a countdown clock. But that feature is not working.
With any given interval it shows NOW. But as per OOTB feature the NOW should come only if the interval
is less than 30 seconds. This basic feature is failing always. We are using OOTB 
Any suggestion will be appreciated!