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MS Project Integrator AddIn Error

Question asked by ChrisP4 on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

When performing the installation of the MS Project Integration component on my system (running 64-bit MS Windows 7 Enterprise with MS Project 2013 Professional), I notice that only the CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface x64 and the CA PPM Schedule Connect (x64) are installed. 



Okay...  So I proceed to manually install the CAClarityAddIn by running the Setup found in C:\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface\addIn folder.  The setup runs and completes, but the AddIn is not displayed until I exit the MS Project
Options and then reopen it.


At this point, I shut MS Project down and then re-launch it.  Now, I get the following error:



I click "OK" (to remove the error) and select a Blank Project.  At this point, all looks good (in MS Project).  The CA PPM Integration tab is now visible.  But...  When trying to "Open in Scheduler" (in CA Clarity PPM) a project by selecting "Microsoft Project [Read-Write]", I get the following error again:



Any idea why this is happening???