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Best option for Triggering SDM Event/Macro on ticket update

Question asked by phinchey on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

So I have a few customers which due to differing outsourced/provider relationships have some form of integration between their SDM system and some 3rd party ticketing system, generally using PAM and web services.  One issue that has come up several times is ending up with several transactions being triggered from what is functionally a single ticket update.  This will often happen during an initial triage, where the Priority, Assignment, and status may all be updated at once.  Since currently the integration is tied to each of these Activities, when the user clicks Save, it will end up triggering 3 separate Events as it logs the Escalate, Update Status, and Transfer activities.


What I am hoping to do is find a way to just do an evaluation 'on save' to check if any of the required attributes have changed (since generally, all the key fields are sent with each transaction), and if so, fire only 1 Event/Execute IT PAM macro to send the current ticket info across the integration. I haven't found a good way to do this currently using just the normal form/condition/event/activity, but perhaps I just haven't looked at it in the right way.  My current thinking is I would probably need to a a mod/spl method, where for each tenant, I can have a mod file thta would fire, and call a spl function that would evaluate the appropriate conditions, and then find a way to call the macro or event from the spl file.  Fomr single tenant customers this probably would be a minimal load, but I worry about how that would behave in a multitenant environment.


If anyone has run into similar issues (around tenant specific spl code, attaching events/macros direct from spl, or more broadly a solution to finding a way to trigger an event/action on save separate from the normal activity notifications, to avoid sending multiple events for a single transaction) any thoughts would be appreciated as I continue piecing an overall better implementation together