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URL-link in e-mail for contact with multiple roles

Question asked by jankthomsen on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by J_W

Dear community members


We have faced some problems with URL-links attached to outgoing e-mail notifications.


We have great number of users, who have many different roles attached to their Access Type.

For example a user could have access to Issues only using one role, and access to Request/Incident/Problem only using another role. Depending on the last used role (before logoff), the user may get an error, when activating a URL-link in an e-mail notification,


1. The user log in with a role that give him access to work with Issues, but NOT Requests

2. The user logs off.

3. The user opens an e-mail notification and activitates a that points to a Request.

4. Because SDM keeps track of the last used role, the user will be logged in with the role that has only access to Issues resulting in a "Request not found" error.

Any ideas on how get around this paradigm?