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How to execute Selenium Webdriver scripts in ca dev test

Question asked by RaghuUppara on Jun 7, 2016
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Selenium WebDriver integration with LISA


I have a question raised at the above link.could you please provide a solution for the above one.


Hello Arif,


We have a very similar requirement in our account. Previously, we have developed a keyword driven framework in Selenium(Java) using TestNG framework. Recently our client has procured LISA license. Since this is a keyword driven framework, there is no script for each test case. Test cases and test steps are defined in Excel sheets. Each step in test case will call a Java function, which in turn will interact with web browser and perform the action.


I have a question related Automation testing.

We have a testing framework built in Selenium Webdriver(JAVA), now our company has decided to move to LISA.

So can any one please help me to understand that how can I integrate or move my code to LISA (we have used JAVA to build framework, NOT used Selenium IDE).