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Crystal Report Parameter Not Showing on Report

Question asked by GregPaisley62353433 on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

I am developing a Crystal report with a parameter that is multi-select.  I am using an array to save the parameter values that are entered and using it successfully in the Record Selection Formula to select records to print.  I also need to display the parameter values that are entered.  I am using a formula, building a similar array, then building a comma separated string of the values.  This formula string DOES PRINT when running the report in Crystal and in BO, but NOT when running the report from Clarity.  How can I make it work in Clarity?  Below is the code in the formula. Thanks for any advice!  Greg P



// Figure out how many Tier Level parameters were entered and place them in Array

numbervar TScounter:=1; 
numbervar TSpositionCount:=count({?TierLevelParam});
Stringvar array TSTierLevelArray; //New Array name and type
redim TSTierLevelArray[TSpositioncount];
stringvar currTier;
stringvar totalTier;


while TSpositionCount >= TScounter do
(TSTierLevelArray[TScounter] := {?TierLevelParam}[TScounter];
TScounter:=TScounter +1; );




while TSpositionCount >= TScounter do
(currTier := TSTierLevelArray[TScounter];
totalTier := totalTier & ", " & currTier;
TScounter:=TScounter +1; );


totalTier := right(totalTier, len(totalTier)-2);


totalTier;  //print string variable