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Jasperstudio Domain Report creation - Null pointer Exception

Question asked by Sreeram601 on Jun 10, 2016
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I've set up my Jasperserver, DWH setting has been done successfully. I would like to create the domain based reports.


I've created new user and added this user login for the Jaspersoft server connection details in Jasper studio. I tested the connection and it works fine. Later when I added the domain and added the fields & filter in Dataset & Query. So the text is in XML format but the Data preview shows the null pointer exception.


I also designed the report based on this domain and tried to preview, it shows the null pointer exception.


When I designed the same in Clarity using Advanced reporting, it works fine. Why not in Jasper studio.


My main aim is to use the combine domains and design reports, is it possible either in studio or Clarity--> Advanced query