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variable.length() does not work in test

Question asked by msnizek on Jun 14, 2016
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I need to test if the variable content is longer than 1 character, so I created following construction:

   <core:when test="${filled_variable.length() >1}">
   <gel:parse var="filled_variable_c">
      <ColumnValue name="attribute_id">${filled_variable}</ColumnValue>
      <gel:parse var="filled_variable_c">
         <ColumnValue name=""/>

I use <gel:log> to print content of this variable and I can see that it has got a value - internal id of project in CA PPM. But the condition is not passed and it goes through the "otherwise".


Please have you got any idea how can I test the variable content length?


I'd also like to ask if there is a possibility to print variable content length using <gel:log>. For example like this:

<gel:log category="XOG" level="INFO">LENGTH filled_variable: ${filled_variable.length()}</gel:log>

This does not work.


My CA PPM version is 06 12


Thank you all in advance,