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Sending XML Response in Rest Post Step

Question asked by Ayanbarman on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Ayanbarman

I have a test cases where i have a web service step. I am storing the response in a property.

Now i am trying to update test management tool Rally with pass/failure using Rest Step and want to send the stored response however i keep getting parse error.

I am assuming i will need to convert the response into string but cannot find any step for that either.


Heres the generic flow


1. Web Service Execution Step - Stored the response in property {{StepResponse}}

2 Rest Step Connecting to Rally (Test management tool)












Here's the error i got


{"CreateResult": {

    "Errors": ["Cannot parse input stream due to I/O error as JSON document: Parse error: expected '}' but saw '1' [ chars read = >>>{\"TestCaseResult\":{\"TestCase\":\"/testcase/57521201028\",\"Build\":\"101\",\"Date\":\"2016-06-16T11:22:24-0500\",\"TestSet\":\"\",\"Notes\":\"<?xml version=\"1<<< ]"],

    "_rallyAPIMinor": "0",

    "_rallyAPIMajor": "2",

    "Warnings": []