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How do you permanently capture data from the parent object into the subobject. 

Question asked by LLFox on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by Janet Ulrich

We are in the process of setting up project funding requests to be managed through CA PPM.  We want to use information from the unapproved project to pull in key information onto the funding request.   The funding request is a subobject of the project.


I would like to use the latest approved cost plan to capture the financial summary information and the name of the sponsor from the project,  on the funding request record.  As you can imagine, to keep integrity of the record, once the information pulled through from the project onto the funding request, it can no longer change,  once the record is in the approval process (unless returned) and needs to be fully locked once it has been approved.


So I tried using Virtual fields, however this keeps updating as the project information updates.  Is there a different type of field to pull the information through, or do I need to write a script (not that I know how to do this).


Also, does it make any difference if I lock the record?  Does it lock the field information too?

It would have been good if 'write once' allowed us to capture the info but this doesn't work on the virtual fields.


Trying to avoid scripts if possible but if there's a simple one for me to follow, I'll give it a try.


I'm sure there are articles about this but haven't been able to find it.


Hope you can help.