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What function to use for grabbing unique data from tableA.columnA and randomly populating tableB.columnB

Question asked by ThanNguyen82306198 on Jun 21, 2016
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I would like to create some synthetic data in a couple of tables.  The first table is the header/parent table, and the second table is the detail/child table.  If I publish 2 records in the header table, each having a unique name in the Name column, what is the function that I would use to populate the Name column in the detail table using each of those unique names from the header table?



Published synthetic data in the header table contain 2 records with the following columns:

Name | ZipCode

Joe | 12345

Mary | 67891


Need to publish synthetic data in the detail table with the following columns:

Name | ZipCode | Address

Joe | 12345 | 333 St. Name St.

Joe | 12345 | 444 St. Name Ct.

Joe | 12345 | 555 St. Name Ln.

Mary | 67891 | 666 St. Name Rd.

Mary | 67891 | 777 St. Name Pl.


What function could I use to generate random names in the detail table from the distinct list of names in the header table?  I tried using the randlov(percnull,@sqllist(connection,sql)@) and the randlov(percnull,@sqllist(connection,sql)@)coumn) functions but both aren't returning the data I'm expecting.


@randlov(0,@sqllist(T,select distinct Name from Header)@)@


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