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Clarity Time Tracking

Question asked by tamela on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by tamela

We have started using Clarity to log time to Projects that relate to client facing projects & internal administrative and support tasks.  On our Admin and Support projects that have been created we have set the start and finish dates of the project for an entire year.  We assign over 1,000 associates to each of the tasks.  The problem we are having is that once someone logs time to lets say to a PTO task it changes the finish date of the task from 12/31/16 to the date the first user entered time against the task instead of keeping the date of the task at 12/31/16.  I have tried using "must start on" & "must finish on" dates to hold it in place but that doesn't work either.  It seems that it is using something with the ETC value (which is set at 0) to calculate the task and say - you look like you're finished so I'm changing your finish date.  We would rather not use ETC values if possible b/c we would have to assign an ETC to all 1000 resources to one make the date stay and that their actual assignment status stays open for that date range.  We are having this same issue with our client facing projects as well - we import a time tracking tasks template and those are the only tasks associates should log time to.


When the dates end up changing an associate can no longer hit the populate button on their timesheet and have their tasks pull in...they have to now always go to the Add Task function to add it back in for the week if they want to add more time.


Any thoughts/direction/things to try would be much appreciated.