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Project tabs SQL query

Question asked by Julien_Malige on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Julien_Malige

Hey CA community !


To introduce the context, we are using CA PPM with about 20k projects and 2k users. We are currently updating from v13.1 to v14.3.
In fact, we have a specific performance problem during the switching of project tabs (Task, Team, Financial Plans...).
Misc tools and the SQL tracer lead me to a SQL query calls on tab loading :


select ip.object_instance_id object_instance_id,,, na1.action_code....

see joined files for the completed queries.


This query has changed from v13.1 to v14.3, more precisely the last "sub request" is now part of the "From clause" in the last request.


We will make tests in both of v13.1 and v14.3, but do you know if this query is a sensitive query (for performance) ? Is the changing of query means that CA find a performance issue or improvement ? This query is linked to privacy. Our policies seems heavy and complex, it could be the reason of our issues ?


I'm not expecting for precises answers, I know the that performances issues can have lot of sources, I'm more searching for feelings or ways to progress.