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Attributes override when explore and correlate two CSV files

Question asked by GGarciaC on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by GGarciaC

Hi .


I have a deal with Correlation objects.

I have two CSV files and uploading users from this files. Each CSV is explored and Correlated with a different connector.


First CSV contains accounts with name, last name, middle name and one more attribute called RFCID. Almost all of the accounts has these attributes except some of them which do not have name, last name and middle name.

These attributes must be complemented by the second CSV file.


RFCID attribute is common in two files


Second CSV file contains RFCID corresponding to some accounts in first CSV (not sorted in same order)

I have this RFCID attribute configured in Prov Manager as a Correlation attribute in Domain configuration.

The problem is next:

If i Explore + correlate + create global users + update fields the first CSV, the global users are created without problem.

After that, i explore + correlate + use existing global users +update fields the second CSV, the global user attributes in those accounts do not have name, last name and middle name are updated with corresponding information from second CSV record (correlated by common atribute RFCID) but rest of the attributes explored in first CSV are erased; ej. country and location or email address leaving only those attributes discovered in second CSV.


I dont know what is happening here....Is there someone who can tell me whats wrong?