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Error to close a problem

Question asked by amatos.1 on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by amatos.1

I have an error when I try to close a problem. By clicking activities Solution. After typing the solution of the problem and save, displays the message below:

cr.spl:477:cr::get_status_sym | cr.spl:1778:cr::val_create_status_log


Error that displays the log


07/27 07:17:11.81 servicedeskhom spelsrvr             1116 ERROR        pcexec.c              6403 Spell interp failed at cr.spl:477:cr::get_status_sym | cr.spl:1778:cr::val_create_status_log: Reply message [2]: bad index - size is 1

07/27 07:17:11.82 servicedeskhom web:local            3676 ERROR        freeaccess.spl       25274  update checkin of cr:1248529 failed: cr.spl:477:cr::get_status_sym | cr.spl:1778:cr::val_create_status_log


I have two custom fields in the form detail alg