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Can you open a constricted USM alarm view from list views?

Question asked by alberto.h.r on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by alberto.h.r



As of UIM 8.41, if you create a 'list view' and designate a column to show 'alarms', when double clicked they will open

http://UMPaddress/usm/jsp/standalone.jsp . This will open a standalone USM page that will display your entire environment inventory list and groups.


When using a dashboard to display an alarm however, when double clicked it will open the same URL as above yet it will NOT show the inventory list but rather a constricted view of the alarms selected. So only alarms for that server or filters specified will show.


Is there a way to have 'list views' show this constricted USM alarm view? Since dashboards apply filters to alarms, it has a different process I imagine. Is there a way to overwrite this?