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Click or Select Events on IRF Table?

Question asked by j.barger on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by j.barger

I have a form that looks like this...

The Idea is that when the user searches in the field above it performs a live search for users that match up. I have that little bit working fine (we're querying the database, we've got records coming back). Hooray.


but, here's the problem...


The table exposes no click or select event. I was hoping that when the user clicks a row it updates the interface showing the selected user in the search field. Unfortunately there is no interaction events on the table itself to bind to. The table sub fields allow for interaction but they only work when you have the table set to allow editing which is definitely not what i'm after. We're not editing results, we're searching here. Other than playing dutch uncle with CA's implementation here of UX and doing something really silly like porting jquery into the script window and rolling my own extended series of events what are my options here? Am i chasing down a fools errand and you guys have a ready built piece of functionality that does this stuff? I looked at the lookup control but I didn't see anyway to accomplish the same thing. You can search and populate but clicking ok does nothing. It just closes the modal. I feel like I'm missing something huge here and the documentation is pretty sparse on this sort of thing.


Any help is greatly appreciated,