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Issue in Executing Oracle Commands using ITPAM

Question asked by Vidit_goel on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by luned02

I am trying to use Query Database operator in CAITPAM for executing oracle commands but I am not able to achieve the desired results. When I am executing the query for. e.g. "select * from V$Version", it should give the version of oracle database as output but the operator is failing every time giving the output as "Could not connect to the database".

I am using SunOS Solaris 11.2 version, Oracle Database 11g Enterprise version.

I am using the following inputs in Query Database operator:

Database Type

Server Host

Server Port

Database Name

Oracle Service ID

Oracle TNS Name

Oracle Driver Type

Has anyone tried/used CAITPAM for running oracle workflow ? How to execute the oracle commands using ITPAM ?