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Siteminder Upgrade

Question asked by manjunath.mudigonda on Aug 26, 2016
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At my organization we are planning to upgrade Siteminder from 12.52 [Base] to 12.52 sp2. are there any specific things i need to be aware of ?


Policy Server: Windows 2008 R2

Policy Store : SQL Server 2008

Policy Store backup: we have a schedule job that performs backup daily

Infrastructure: All VM's 

Roll Back: VM Snapshot Revert


Implementation Steps:


Upgrade an r12.52 Policy Server to 12.52 SP2.
Stop Policy Server
Disable XML Signature: set DisableXSWCheck=true
Backup JVMOptions.txt


Upgrade Policy Server by executing Binary
policy store check box – check


Validate Install log file


Run XPSDDInstall SmMaster.xdd from PS_home\xps\dd
XPSImport smpolicy.xml –npass from PS_home\db.
Run XPSSweeper


Upgrade the r12.52 Administrative UI to 12.52 SP2
Stop AdminUI
Run Pre Req
Run Admin UI


please advise