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How to convert plain text response to JMS message text and add jms parameters to this jms response

Question asked by KishoreThadani on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Kevin.Bowman

I have an implementation wherein to a Rest HTTP request: I have a HTTP Synchronous response (Response 1) and an aSynch response to a JMS topic (Response 2).
So, in the vsi for this signature operation, I have Response 1 as the HTTP synch response and Response 2 as the response in plain text to be sent to JMS topic.
Within the vsm, I am sending the HTTP Synch Response successfully.
After sending the Synch response, within the same VSM, I am extracting response 2 and sending that message to the JMS topic.
Now, I need to convert this plain text message to JMS message text, so that I can add some JMS parameters to this JMS text response before publishing to the JMS topic.
I have been able to successfully add these parameters as metadata, but that does not help. These parameters needs to be added as JMS parameters and not as metadata.
I would appreciate any tips on the best way to achieve this.